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    The Center offers services in:

    • Individual psychotherapy, couple and family
    • Psychotherapy of adults, adolescents and children
    • Advice in emotional situations difficult: fertility, separation, children with problems, adaptation to a different cultural context.
    • Neuropsychological assessment of brain injuries, suspicion of dementias.
    • School for Parents
    • Training in psychotherapy and clinical psychology for health professionals.


    Each day more, the visit to the psychological services is perceived as a normal occurrence. Be a person “normal” does not mean to be free of conflict in certain moments. In this sense, the clinical psychology acquires a preventive sense or prophylactic for that small difficulties do not grow, as is “snowball” to generate situations of unsustainable.


    Psychotherapy provides effective treatment for a large variety of psychological difficulties (anxiety, depression, personality disorders, academic failure, etc).

    Psychotherapy positively contributes not only to the solution of symptoms that cause us great pain and discomfort, but also enhances the sense of wellbeing and ability to manage our lives in a more satisfactory way.

    It is common for example, to come to a therapist for troubles that have been weighing on us for a while. It is possible that we’ve gone months, or even years, trying anti-anxiety or other types of medications. However, we notice that this usually only alleviates our discomforts temporarily. It does not resolve them such that, many times, the medicine on its own acts the same as an ‘aspirin’ against the pain, causing a continuing ‘cavity’ of turmoil. Until we address the source that causes such a molar-like pain to constantly loom, which requires a visit to the specialist, we will be slaves of the ‘aspirin’.


     On occasion, people look for help for specific reasons such as eating disorders, psychosomatic problems, obsessive behaviors, or phobic anxieties. On other occasions, people look for help for more general issues of depression or anxiety, difficulties in their studies, discomfort in their jobs, or trouble establishing relationships.

    Psychotherapy can benefit adults as well as children and teens; couples and entire families. It can help kids who have emotional and behavioral problems that cause issues at home or at school. These include learning disabilities, hyperactivity, problems with sleeping, eating, bed-wetting etc.

    Psychotherapy is particularly effective in those who make an attempt to understand and resolve the things that cause them to suffer.



    Maybe you don’t need an extensive therapeutic process, but rather some short-term professional counseling. It could be due to a situation such as marital separation, conflict with a child, etc. In such a case, we adapt to your necessity to offer you such a service in just a few sessions or interviews.

    Reports and Expert Psychological Opinions

    The Center for Psychological Care and Counseling conducts reports and professional opinions for certain mutually beneficial work, and does so at a private level, in situations like scholarly and neuropsychological disorder assessments.

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